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Xavier Research Foundation
Xavier Research Foundation


The Loyola Centre for Research & Development (LCRD) came into existence in 1987 as the Foundation for the Health and Human Sciences. It was then administered by St. Xavier’s College Society and was housed in the main building of St. Xavier’s College. It moved to its present location on July 31st, 1991, the feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, and was inaugurated by the then Governor of Gujarat Dr Swaroop Singh. This center has since its inception provided an environment and facilities to encourage Research & Development & Extension with the participation of the students and staff of St. Xavier’s College. It has also been active in advancing computer education and application of computers. The center has its own full time staff involved in these areas.

In 1995 the Xavier Research Foundation (XRF) was set up as an autonomous trust and was assigned the responsibility of the Centre. The Principal of St. Xavier’s College and several members of the board of St. Xavier’s College Society serve on this trust. Two wings have been a part of the Loyola Centre for Research & Development ever since its original conception. The computer wing is referred to as the Xavier Institute of Computer Sciences (XICS), and the research wing as the Grace Braganza Research Wing (GBRW) within which several components exist like the Chemical Sciences Laboratory, the Arts Research Cell, the Saturnino Braganza Library, the Industrial Training Units, Xplant Company, etc.

The computer wing runs a range of diploma and certificate courses in computers. Its Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA) is a pioneering course in the city. The centre also has a tradition of developing software for a range of applications.

The research wing has produced a number of Ph.D’s. Several of these are from the staff of the college. It has also produced future researchers and scientists through programs involving staff and students of the college. Its major goal in research is to do research that will better the lives of the poor citizens of our country and of our marginalized groups. With this in view, entrepreneurship and development of livelihood options is one of the major areas in which it is active. The areas covered by projects range from protein purification, chemical synthesis, environmental issues, DNA fingerprinting, phytochemistry, plant tissue culture and several others. Projects in the humanities and social sciences have also been carried on at the Centre.