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Xavier Research Foundation
Xavier Research Foundation


Infrastructure (Facilities/ Equipment etc.)

44 different sophisticated instruments including thermocycler, HPLC and Fermentor etc.

Modular state-of- the- art labs

The Centre has recently been renovated and given a facelift. This has made it possible to reorganize it into modular labs. In the future the following units will be set up:

  DNA Fingerprinting Laboratory
  Animal Cell Culture
  Fermentation Laboratory 
  Molecular Biology Laboratory
  Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory
  Microbiology and Bioremediation Laboratory 
  Protein Chemistry Laboratory 
  Phytochemical Laboratory
  Bioinformatics Laboratory
  Chemical Sciences laboratory
  Social Sciences and Humanities Research Cell
  Medicinal Plants Facilities – macropropagation facilities
  Clonal Propagation Production Unit
  Small Animal Facility
  Biotechnology Training Unit
  Industrial Chemistry Training Unit
  Biotechnology/Industrial Chemistry Laboratory
  Xplant Co.

More than 160 Biosciences students have been trained in doing original and independent research work during their undergraduate tenure. The selection procedure includes a written test followed by a rigorous personal interview. Each year 10 students from the field of biosciences are given this opportunity. Because of the impact and success of the project there is now a demand by students for the project and eager expectation to get into the program. Our statistics and follow up indicate that over 90% go ahead for post graduate studies and over 50% move on to get their Ph.D’s.

The chemical sciences lab also has a tradition of training students in research. Two to three students are selected for this each year.

Ongoing Projects

Project Name Funding Agency Project Cost

Cost effective Protease Production and its application for DNA isolation kit

Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME), GoI 5,80,000
Economic and Rapid Production of chitin from micro-organism Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME), GoI 7,29,000
Production of antihypertensive combition product from hairy roots of Rauwolfia serpentine and Coleus forskohlii Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME), GoI 8,90,000
Enhancement of chickoo as a marketable horticulture product Amalsad V.V.K. Sahakari Khedut Mandali Ltd. 10,00,000
In vitro screening of plant isolates for anticancer activity and further purification and characterization of the isolates Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission, DST, Govt. of Gujarat 19,23,240

Completed Projects

Project Name Funding Agency Project Cost
Employment through innovation and entrepreneurship ALBOAN Foundation, Spain 27,00,000
Cost Effective Biosurfactant Production from Renewable Feedstocks Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME), GoI 6,30,000
Empowerment of women in rural areas through micropropagation of flowering plants DST- WOS- B 10,00,000
Upliftment of Agricultural Practices among the farmers through Plant Tissue Analysis Laboratory Gujarat Horticulture Mission 9,00,000
Extraction, identification and high yield product recovery of medicinal compounds from some medicinal plants ALBOAN Foundation, Spain. 40,00,000

Paper publications: 43

Presentations: 45

Posters: 88

Books: 01

Training Manuals: 02

Book Chapters: 05

Ph.D. PROGRAMME: The centre accepts students working to obtain their Ph.D. degrees. Such students work on projects in the thrust areas of the centre. The centre welcomes staff and students of other institutes also.

UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH:  Every year, Xavier Research Foundation in collaboration with Departments of Biochemistry, Chemistry and Botany of St. Xavier’s College, selects a batch of students to carry out individually a one-year research project. The students, at the end of year, submit a project report of the work they have undertaken during the span of the year, for which they are awarded a fellowship (Rs.1000.00), which includes a gold plated silver medal, a certificate and a cash of Rs. 500.00.

INDUSTRIAL TRAINING UNIT (ITU): The ITU has been set up by the Xavier Research Foundation with the objective of giving students hands on experience of the running of a production unit to train them in entrepreneurship. The key to the success of this endeavor is giving the ownership of the Unit as a company to the students.

The Unit provides a platform for students of the vocational biotechnology course of St. Xavier’s College, Ahmedabad to gain experience not only on managing accounts and mastering the technique but also encountering the world outside. The students with unbound spirit, sincere efforts and self-motivation look into the process meticulously – right from Research and Development and conceptualization to production and marketing.

With the responsibility of manning the unit as a company, they have given a name, Xplant, to their endeavor and produce several thousands of plants a year. 

ECOLOGICAL NICHE: The Loyola Centre for Research & Development in collaboration with St. Xavier’s College has established an ecological niche on the campus of St. Xavier’s College, Ahmedabad, wherein nearly 1000 species of plants of ethno medicinal importance, medicinal importance and economical importance have been grown. The niche serves an environmental objective and helps spread awareness and also provides source material for tissue culture and other plant related research work. 

CACTUS HOUSE: The centre has also established a Cactus House together with St. Xavier’s College, which has many species and varieties.

TRAININGS: The centre also imparts training in various research and laboratory techniques. The trainees are provided required study material and hands on training on laboratory techniques. Training for instrument operation is imparted. One on one as well as training in batches is possible.

COLLABORATIONS: The infrastructure and manpower expertise of the Centre enables it to link with St. Xavier’s College to run Gujarat University approved, UGC recognized Certificate Courses in Bioinformatics & Microbial Biotechnology (employment oriented), exclusively for St. Xavier’s College students.

WORKSHOPS AND SEMINARS: The Xavier Research Foundation, with regular time interval organized workshop targeting scientists, students, and other interested groups.

1. Workshop in DNA Purification and RAPD for fingerprinting 20-22 Dec. 2006.
2. Training in Biotechnology for students of Jyoti Niwas College, Chhattisgarh in April 2006.
3. Training in Plant Tissue Culture for Tarumitra in February 2005.
4. Workshop on DNA isolation and PCR, 2-3 March, 2004.
5. Biotechnology – a tool for environmental research, in collaboration with ISRCDE, 7th- 8th February, 2004.
6. Workshop on DNA isolation and PCR, 24-26 January, 2004.
7. Training in Plant Biotechnology for faculty of St. Aloysius College, Mangalore 2004.
8. Training in Plant Biotechnology for faculty of Loyola College, Chennai 2004.
9. Training in Plant Tissue Culture for IFFCO personnel in 2003.
10. Workshop on Nucleic Acid Purification and RAPDs for Fingerprinting, 24th-26th October, 2002.
11. Workshop on Techniques in Chromatography, 29th April-2nd May, 1997.
12. Workshop on Plant Tissue Culture, 27th-31st March, 1995.
13. Workshop on Cacti Culture, 25th March, 1995.

Recent Developments

  Advanced Phytochemistry
  Studies of anti-asthmatic plants and tryptase
  Protein purification and Enzyme studies
  Tribal students’ training 

Future Plans

  Scaling up of Soil fertility and Biodegradation work established at the pilot level
  Spreading Biotechnology in rural areas
  Extension of Rural empowerment through biotechnology 
  Genetic transformation in plants for genetic studies and mutagenic studies in plants
  Cost effective Biotechnology
  Seed Museum & Herbarium set up
  Dye pigment isolation and food colorants from natural sources