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Xavier Research Foundation
Xavier Research Foundation


The institute functions from 8 a.m. in the morning to 8 p.m. in the evening during weekdays, and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays. The institute is closed on Sunday.


The Institute has an excellent library with the latest books on Research and Computer Studies. A student/faculty can become a member of Saturnino Braganza library and have access to the books and journals of the library. It has open access for readers. 

The library aims to support the educational and research objectives of the staff and students of the Institute. It contains a significant number of materials devoted to research, computers and related disciplines. The collection includes books, reference materials, dissertations, journals, and CD/DVD collections. The library continues to subscribe to more than 45 national and international journals/magazines in print and holds rare scientific and professional journals, with some titles dating back 25 years. 


Keeping in mind the growing demand to keep in pace with the modern communication facilities, which is now mostly synonymous with Internet Browsing, the Centre provides broadband Internet Access for the benefit of the students and faculty. This facility is also used by the faculty to do extensive research related work through the internet and to enhance the quality of teaching.

Printing/Photocopy/Lamination/Comb Binding

These services include reprographic printing, binding, and photocopying. All Institute publications and forms, etc. are printed in this section. The facilities include laser printers, machines for finishing, cutting, laminating, etc. and a number of photocopiers. These services are available for the staff and students.

DTP Services

We have a complete word-processing and desktop publishing facility in-house, and can provide text on CDs in most major word-processing and graphic formats. Our services include word processing, and printed materials such as books, newsletters, brochures, posters, flyers, manuals and advertisements, in English and Gujarati.

Audio Visual Room

The audio-visual room with an 80-seat capacity is equipped with a computer, multi-media, Internet access, an overhead projector, television set and DVD unit which are being used for students and faculty activities like classroom presentations, meetings, seminars and lectures.

Contract Research

We offer contract research services in the field of Biosciences to establish protocols and procedures for newly developed methods.

Consultancy (Computer – Hardware Maintenance & Software Development)

We have been providing support for the installation and hardware maintenance of PCs and peripherals since over ten years. XICS Hardware Maintenance consists of:

  Preventive maintenance - entails the periodic checking and cleaning of systems.
  Remedial maintenance:
             Fault diagnosis - includes the assessment of probable cause of any system fault.
             Fault resolution - includes the replacement of all faulty or defective components.

Our Project Solutions group offers development of a small prototype of one-month to delivery of large complex projects. We write tailor-made software application fine-tuned to fit your exact requirements.